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Elder Law

Aging is a certainty, so it is important to plan for the future. Elder Law is an umbrella term that provides counseling and guidance to senior adults and their caregivers regarding the legal aspects of long-term care planning, benefits, decision makers, legal capacity and estates and the implementation of those decisions while minimizing financial concerns.

Common elder care issues are:

  • Health and Personal Care Planning

  • Pre-mortem Legal Planning (wills, trusts, etc.)

  • Fiduciary Representation

  • Legal Capacity Counseling and Representation

  • Public Benefits

  • Special Needs

  • Insurance Issues

  • Resident Rights Advocacy

  • Housing Issues

  • Employment and Retirement Advice

  • Litigation and Administrative Agency Advocacy

  • Senior Counseling


The above topics will impact you and your loved ones now or in the future. For confidence and peace of mind for the future, please call (215) 230-4300.

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